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Teenager dies after being electrocuted while he was asleep wearing earphones as he charged phone




A 16-year-old boy from Negeri Sembilan, near the town of Rembau was found dead in his home with blood pouring out of his blackened left ear.

was later revealed that the young man named Mohammed Aidil Azzahar Zaharin died after being electrocuted as he wore his earphones while he was charging his phone as he fell asleep.

Mohammed’s 51-year-old mother found his cold and motionless body on the floor and was not able to wake her child. Frantic, she immediately called emergency services but paramedics arrived at the scene pronounced her son dead on the spot.

Mohammed did not have any other injuries or bruises on his body other than bleeding and burns on his left ear. His brother reported that he felt a small electric shock when he touched the earphone cable Mohammed had been wearing.

An autopsy later confirmed that the cause of was electrocution.

The exact make and of the phone that caused the teenager’s death remains unknown. Investigations are ongoing.



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