The state of Texas is one of the states that is most respected by conservative Americans as they feel that they are defending themselves from the Democrats. For the most part, X users are impressed at how the state is able to defy orders from Biden and do the exact opposite as what he instructed them to do. 

According to reports, Republican Congressman Chip Roy is urging Texas officials to defy a Supreme Court ruling allowing the removal of razor wire along the US-Mexico border, installed by the state to deter migrants. 

Governor Greg Abbott’s aggressive measures faced a legal battle with the Biden administration, leading to the court order. Despite this, Roy, a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus, advised Texas to ignore the decision. 

The ongoing border crisis has heightened tensions between state governments and the Biden administration. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized conservative rhetoric, while Texas’ handling of migrants faces legal challenges, including a Justice Department lawsuit.

Texas “defying” Biden’s orders by defending itself from allowing illegals into America 


Endwokeness and other conservative pages on X have been particularly vocal about this problem. Following that, conservatives state the proper way for an immigrant to come into America is via the proper way. Hopping into the country’s borders should be regarded as a form of invasion. 

In addition to this, many are complimenting Texas for their stance against what is right and what is wrong. Conservatives feel that the state is placing America first as they are sharing the border with Mexico. X users say they will remember Texas standing up against the Biden regime. 

Some are even calling for a civil war. There is a clear divide between conservatives and liberals. It seems that none of them are willing to stoop to a middle ground and find the best solution for everyone. 

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