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WHO warns virus crisis not over as vaccine rollout approaches

by AFP bureaus The World Health Organization has warned that vaccines will be no magic bullet for the coronavirus crisis as nations gear up for a massive rollout to tackle surging infections. The word of caution comes as the United States clocked a record number of...

Obama, Bush & Clinton will publicly get COVID shots ‘if it’s safe!’

Three former U.S. presidents, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are ready to volunteer to allay fears among Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Their aim is to prove its safety to the American public and ready, and they will be first in...

Trump and Biden to do battle in final debate

by Eric BARADAT, with Jerome CARTILLIER in Washington President Donald Trump squares off against Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Thursday in what promises to be a bruising final debate with less than two weeks left in their turbulent fight for the White House. The pair’s last...

Trump traverses US as Obama steps up support for Biden

by Sebastian Smith Former president Barack Obama holds his first rally Wednesday in support of US election front runner Joe Biden, while Donald Trump campaigned frantically and accused his opponent, who stayed home in Delaware, of going “into hiding.� Two weeks before the polls, the contrast in...

Biden leads Trump, but can polls be trusted this year?

by Francesco Fontemaggi Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election four years ago brought into question as never before the reliability of opinion polls. Can they be believed this time around? – What do the polls say? -With 16 days to go before the November...

Biden, Trump duel in battleground states 21 days from election

by Jerome Cartillier with Sebastian Smith in Washington President Donald Trump told a Pennsylvania crowd Tuesday that he’s fighting “Marxists” and “lunatics” while his Democratic challenger Joe Biden accused him in Florida, another key electoral state, of having treated Americans as “expendable” during the Covid-19...

Trump tells fans on post-Covid comeback tour: ‘I feel so powerful’

by Sebastian Smith Deprived of his beloved campaign trail for 10 days by Covid-19, President Donald Trump took center stage again Monday in Florida, vowing that he is in “great shape” with 22 days to go until he faces Joe Biden in the election. “I went...

Biden, once mocked by Trump, now the only man on campaign trail

by Michael Mathes / with Elodie Cuzin in Washington For months Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for his cautious campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic. But with the president in quarantine from Friday after testing positive for Covid-19, his Trump train derailed for now, Democratic challenger Biden...

Win the vote but still lose? Behold the US Electoral College

“Beautiful” is how US political outsider Donald Trump described his shock presidential win against rival Hillary Clinton on the night of November 8, 2016. The details were less clean-cut. Former secretary of state Clinton had received nearly three million more votes than her Republican rival. But,...

In first Trump-Biden debate, US will finally see its choice

by Sebastian Smith The volatile US presidential election enters a fierce new stage this week when Donald Trump and Joe Biden hold their first debate — a television spectacle finally allowing Americans to witness the two antagonists head to head. Tuesday’s clash, coming right after Trump...