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It seems that President Biden is in hot waters again after another bold accusation of him has come into place. Furthermore, there are several news outlets discussing that he is too “mentally feeble” to prosecute for the case. Ironically, he is still the President of the United States despite these accusations. 

Breitbart states, Special Counsel Robert Hur has opted not to prosecute President Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents, but his report contains revelations of Biden’s cognitive decline, potentially more damaging politically. 

The investigation found evidence of Biden retaining and disclosing classified materials but didn’t establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Hur’s decision also considers Biden’s significantly limited memory, noting that portraying him as an elderly man with memory issues could generate sympathy from jurors. 

Despite doubts about successfully convicting Biden, the report highlights concerning lapses in his memory, including forgetting key events like his son’s death and his tenure as vice president. 

However, the President is defending himself citing that his mental capacity is still intact. 

Conservatives questioning Biden’s capabilities of being President

Conservatives state that if he is a security risk and is probably not prosecuted due to his mental capacity, then is he credible enough to be the President of the United States? For the most part, many are concerned about his age. Following that, former President Trump is not that much younger than him as well, but appears to be in a sharp mental state. 

Americans are upset that their country is now seen as a “joke” through out the rest of the world, with thanks to the Democrats. An X user who claims to be from Australia said that America is one of the countries that other developed countries are looking down on due to the political situation. 

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