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Ukraine War Wouldn’t Happen If I Was President: Trump

Former President Donald Trump is considered one of the most controversial Presidents in American history, but in recent statements, he claimed that if he were still in office, the Ukraine war against Russia would not have happened.

Trump asserts that he would be able to put an end to the conflict within 24 hours of negotiation.

War has the potential to bring about negative consequences for many countries, and the Ukrainian war is no exception. Despite the challenges it presents, the United States has shown its support for Ukraine by providing over US$100 billion in aid, according to Al Jazeera.

President Joe Biden further demonstrated his commitment to supporting Ukraine when he announced plans to add an additional US$45 billion in November 2022. This significant investment underscores the United States’ determination to stand by the Ukrainian people during this difficult time.

Trump and his remarks 

According to NewsWeek, Trump stated that his personality is one of the key factors on why there were basically no wars during his Presidency. His opponents claim that he is a warmonger when in reality he does not want new wars, so he claims.

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“My personality kept us out of war,” the former president stated. “And I told you before, it would have never happened with Russia. Putin would have never ever gone in. And even now I could solve that in 24 hours. It’s so horrible what happened. Those cities are demolished now.”

Netizen reaction towards Trump’s statement on Ukraine war


Former President Donald Trump continues to enjoy significant support, particularly among members of the Republican party. One such supporter has argued that Trump stands apart from other “soft” Western politicians due to his understanding of the power he holds. This perspective highlights the strong admiration some have for Trump’s leadership style and approach to politics.

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There are claims that the Russian-Ukraine war was already in progress since 2014, and that Trump never did anything for either side during his presidency. There were Trump supporters that disagree with his stance on Ukraine as they claim that “war criminals” like Vladimir Putin should not have a negotiation leverage.


Some Republicans have suggested that Trump had the ability to carry out his promise to build a border wall with Mexico, as they claimed the Mexican government was willing to fund the project during his presidency.

However, these same individuals also made false claims about Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, asserting that he “eliminated” the virus within two weeks. This statement is not accurate and misrepresents the efforts made by public health officials and the scientific community to mitigate the spread of the virus.

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War has far-reaching and devastating consequences. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has displaced millions of people and forced them to start anew as refugees. The war has yet to come to an end and its impact extends far beyond Ukraine’s borders, contributing to a major energy crisis in Europe. It is crucial to remember that war is never the solution to any problem and that the world must strive for peace and diplomacy.

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