Black people were the original Native Americans

In America, it is commonly known that the Native Americans are the first people in the Americas as they were there before European settlers came in. However, woke Black individuals believe that they were there first, and that they are in fact the real Native Americans. 

According to Field Museum, Black History Month often emphasizes individuals of African descent, but it’s crucial to remember the shared history between African Americans and Native Americans. Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable, who arrived in the Great Lakes region in the late 1700s, exemplifies this connection.

Furthermore, the origins of shared kinship between these communities can be traced back to their alliances during slavery and their roles within tribal nations. This intricate history includes shared slavery and intermarriage, leading to complex relationships between enslaved Africans and Native Americans. 

There are in fact tribes in the Native American communities that are mixed with Black people. However, it does not entirely mean that they were there first or were the true native people. 

TikToker claiming Black people were the original Native Americans 

Several X users are showing their tiredness towards this entire situation. They claim that Black people invented everything, including racism. This is due to the fact that a number of woke progressives are stating that Black people are the inventors and native to most places, including some European countries. 

However, there are other bold claims made by X users claiming that Native Americans are actually people from Siberia that travelled to the Americas. Others disagree with this as well as they would technically be more Asian than they are Native Americans. The situation has gotten more complicated with these comments. 

Regardless, conservatives state that Black people actually have their own history that they can be proud of. Unfortunately, some claim that the education system in the United States does not emphasise on real Black history. This could be one of the reasons why some Americans are making bold claims today.

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