The holiday season is around the corner and a lot of controversies are happening. One of the controversies involved the Boston mayor for making a Christmas party seemingly leaving out White people. X users of all racial backgrounds found this offensive as we’re living in 2023 and discriminating others solely on the colour of their skin is an archaic thought.

The New York Post states, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu posted a snapshot of the contentious “electeds of color” holiday bash she hosted, highlighting minority officials at the “no whites” event. Wu, 38, lauded the inclusive nature of the gathering, expanding to encompass leaders from various governmental levels.

However, a mix-up occurred when an invitation intended for “electeds of color” reached all City Council members, including white representatives.

Apologies swiftly followed from Denise DosSantos, admitting the mistake and clarifying the unintentional distribution. Wu, reflecting on the city’s progress in inclusive representation, recognized the group’s growth but emphasized its roots in mentorship and unity among pioneers breaking barriers.

Defending the event’s tradition, Wu underscored its decade-long establishment, stating it provided a space for officials across governmental tiers. She assured the existence of other inclusive holiday gatherings and played down the invitation error, citing common email mishaps.

X users unhappy with Boston mayor

Social media commenters state that this is basically segregation all over again. Furthermore, conservatives feel that such discrimination is only allowed to happen to White people. For the most part, this sentiment is shared among X users.

Others state that some people are too obsessed with skin colour. Having separate events and occasions based on race is something the Democrats are seemingly encouraging.

Another user states that the mayor and the city should be sued as this is unconstitutional. The user also feels that this seems like a hostile work environment. Regardless, Americans need to band together and place aside their differences in order to work together peacefully.

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