In the previous decades, talking about satanism or anything of the sort would be highly taboo. However, with the advent of the ultra liberal agenda, everything is welcomed, including teaching kids about satanism. However, most conservatives and centrists are vehemently against this idea. 

USAToday states, Lebanon Elementary faces uproar as Salem-based Satanic Temple prepares for a Dec. 1 club launch, independent of the town and district. Despite its name, the club emphasizes non-theistic views, considering Satan a metaphor against tyranny, fostering independent thinking. 

However, it focuses on science, community service, puzzles, nature activities, and arts, not religious conversion. Concerns from parents highlight recruitment fears, while advocates express apprehension about the group’s religious semblance. The school maintains First Amendment obligations, allowing diverse viewpoints. 

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time the club has faced resistance; previous incidents in Virginia and Pennsylvania involved legal battles over meeting rights and security concerns.

Conservatives rightfully against satanic clubs in schools 


For the most part, conservatives are blaming the woke creative industry. A user posted a photo of Sam Smith in his satan costume asking where the kids are getting their inspiration from. Being edgy is one thing, but exploiting children to believe in demonic deities is a whole other level. 

Following that, X users state that the teachers endorsing these clubs would look exactly as you’d expect them to look. Others took it upon themselves to describe these individuals by saying that these types of people are plus size, coloured hair and claim that they’re “douchebags.” 

Apparently, Texas is currently having a bill passed in relation to the school of choice. The bill encompasses parents who want to opt out of public school and who are interested in homeschooling/private schools will receive funding of some sort. Conservatives are in favor of this idea. 

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