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The topic of President Biden’s approval rating has been a recurring one in the last few weeks. His ratings seem to have dropped even further as many feel that America could be better under his term. X users in particular are blaming Bidenomics for this drop along with the inflation that is happening. 

Newsweek states, Biden’s popularity plummeted after the Afghan troop withdrawal in August 2021, sparking criticism from nearly 69 percent of Americans. His struggles include economic challenges, immigration policy disputes, and concerns about his age due to verbal and physical missteps.

Hunter Biden’s recent indictment on tax evasion and extravagant spending further clouds the Biden administration. Although President Biden remains separate from these issues, doubts persist about Hunter leveraging the family name for personal benefits.

The Wall Street Journal’s poll indicates Trump holds a four-point lead over Biden, supported by a steadfast base. Democrats hope to sway undecided voters, potentially influencing the forthcoming election. Uncertainties linger about whether internal concerns will prompt alternative Democratic candidates to emerge before the election.

Some publications state that the President should not worry about his low approval rating as the same has happened before. Other than Eisenhower and Kennedy, the rest had a below 40% approval rate at some point.  

X users not surprised at Biden’s low approval rating 


Some X users remembered the days of Jimmy Carter when he was forced to resign. Another user claims that Biden’s rating is 1% lower than Carter. Several individuals do not believe that his ratings are at 37%, as they believe that it is significantly lower. Furthermore, another user claims that during the Carter era, it seemed that most of the world disliked him. 

Others are surprised that Biden’s approval rating is even lower than Trump’s. Democrat supporters are firm that Trump should not be the next President but at the same time, the polls show otherwise. Regardless, there is yet to be another suitable Presidential candidate for the Democrats to run against him. 

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