Life"Bipolar" elementary school teacher hired even after posting Satanic content on social...

“Bipolar” elementary school teacher hired even after posting Satanic content on social media 

Conservatives are especially mad at a school which recently thought it was best to hire a “bipolar” Elementary school teacher. Furthermore, it’s rather not shocking that this individual has the he/them pronouns. LibsOfTikTok found out about this whole ordeal and decides to ask X users if they are comfortable with this man teaching their kids. 

It is understandable to see why men like these are problematic as they can potentially whisper their political ideologies to children. According to Fox News, back in February 2023, a teacher in Maryland, claims that she intentionally keeps students’ gender changes hidden, especially from parents. Furthermore it was an explicit policy within the district that offers moments of amusement, according to findings by Fox News Digital. 

Cogdill, who teaches at Silver Spring International Middle School within the Montgomery County Public Schools District, utilizes various pronouns including “ze/zir,” “they/them,” and “he/him”. The teacher maintains that their statements were in alignment with the district’s policy.

“Bipolar” elementary school teacher posting satanic content is now hired 

Conservatives are stating that previously, we were never showing our appreciation to teachers who are normal. Unfortunately, it is a rare treat to see a teacher that is not weird like this man. Furthermore, without a doubt, not many parents would be willing to send their kids to school with teachers like that. 

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However, there are some users who are feeling sympathetic to the teacher for their illness. Despite this, X users are stating that they would obviously feel unsafe if their children are left with this individual. Others add that this is especially true if their children are alone with a teacher like this. 

Following that, users are blaming the woke ideology ruining the public education system in America. There is apparently a shortage of teachers, but users state that these people should not hold the positions of a teacher. Perhaps another line of work may suit them better. Regardless, there is an overwhelming amount of people against having people like that being near their children. 

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