LifeBLACK man UNALIVES WHITE woman because he “wants to BE HER” 

BLACK man UNALIVES WHITE woman because he “wants to BE HER” 

Woke Americans are giving the opportunity for more crazy stuff like this to happen again and again. This is of course, in the eyes of the average conservative American. The loss of a life is of course tragic. Following that, it seems that stories of Black criminals are put aside as it does not fit the narrative of the Democrats. 

According to Trending Politics, during a press conference, Phoenix Homicide Lt. James Hester reveals that investigators are concluding the attack to be a random act. Their findings state that Zion William Teasley was purportedly following victim Lauren Heike on the trail and proceeds to assault her without any provocation. The motive behind this abhorrent act remains in mystery.

During the interrogation, Teasley acknowledges his familiarity with the area. Furthermore, frequently visits it, but refuses to divulge specific routes. Subsequently, detectives present Teasley with a picture of Heike, to which he responds by recognizing her. Following that, he confesses that he “desires to resemble her.” 

Conservatives react to the Black man mortally harming a White woman 

Now, conservatives claim that he will be sent to a woman’s prison due to his desire to become one. Unfortunately, this will look bad on people who are actually transgender and would require such treatment. 

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Furthermore, Twitter users state that the man knows exactly what he is doing. Following that, he has several prior charges which are subsequently gone after his plea deals. Criticisms towards the American justice system are also among those discussing this. It seems that the justice system is against placing dangerous criminals like him behind bars. 

Conservatives are stating that the liberals are going mad by accepting such horrors. Others state that they are fearful of leaving their own backyard after reading stories like this. Furthermore, conservatives claim that the Democrats are trying their best to replace women and women prisons. 

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Some users are making sarcastic comments by saying that he is a Black man and is not receiving the consequences of his actions. The user adds that he sees that there is nothing wrong in harming a White woman, which is why he went ahead and did what he did. Regardless, it is unfortunate to lose a productive member of society like Lauren Heike, and may the justice system prevent incidents like this from happening again. 

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