An influencer marketing company is offering individuals a payment of nearly £800 to spend ten hours scrolling through TikTok and watching videos.

The selected candidates will assist Ubiquitous in identifying emerging trends. The company is currently seeking three TikTok enthusiasts who will be compensated at a rate of £79.34 per hour.

This opportunity arises following the previous triumph of Ubiquitous’ initial TikTok Watching position, which attracted over 50,000 applicants. Consequently, the company has decided to reintroduce the role and is now accepting applications for three professional TikTok watchers.

The TikTok Videos

The selected candidates will have the responsibility of assisting Ubiquitous in discovering emerging trends by completing a simple document that highlights recurring trends they come across. Although it is not technically mandatory, to increase your chances of being chosen, it is also encouraged to tweet @Ubiquitous_HQ explaining why you would be a perfect fit for the job.

Similar to the previous position offered by the company, there are only two requirements: a genuine passion for TikTok and an active presence on social media platforms, as reported by WalesOnline. Here is a breakdown of the job description:

  • Watch TikTok videos for a total of 10 hours over a period of three days.
  • Follow @Ubiquitousofficial on both TikTok and YouTube.
  • Document any emerging trends you come across.
  • Create a video on your preferred social media platform discussing the job and tag Ubiquitous.

TikTok Watching job

Jeremy Boudinet, the VP of Growth at Ubiquitous, stated, “Following the success of the TikTok Watching job in October, we decided to bring it back for a second time, making it even bigger than before. Anyone can apply as long as they have a TikTok account.

“We’re not seeking experts or TikTok connoisseurs; we simply want someone who uses TikTok regularly and has an active social media presence.”

Applications are currently open and will be accepted until Wednesday, May 31. To apply, fill out the application form and provide a brief explanation of why you deserve the job.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

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