Business & EconomyTime for DESPERATE Bud Light to say BUD-BYE after offering $20 dollar...

Time for DESPERATE Bud Light to say BUD-BYE after offering $20 dollar REBATES for beer 

It seems that Bud Light is hurt both ways, on the woke end and the conservative end. They are now seen selling their $20 dollar pack worth of beers and bundling them with $20 dollars worth of rebates. It appears that rural Americans are not forgiving the beer company for betraying them. Woke Americans are not happy at the company for throwing Dylan Mulvaney under the bus. 

Fox News states that Bud Light’s sales are experiencing a downward trend in May. Consumers across the country expressing their dissatisfaction with the leading beer brand due to their controversial collaboration.  This marks the fifth consecutive week of declining sales for Bud Light since the announcement of the partnership.

Now, this is raising concerns among distributors about the brand’s ability to recover from this damaging association. Retail sales of Bud Light in the United States showed a significant decline of 23.6% in the week ending on May 6 compared to the same period last year. 

Time for Bud Light to say BUD-BYE

Twitter users are observing a weird pattern in stores where Bud Light beers that are selling for $20 per case are giving customers $20 worth in rebates. Others made sexist comments citing that their marketing team must still be an all women’s team thinking that men are interested in coupons. Many are speculating that they are desperate to increase their sales percentage. 

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Some are stating that the only way for Bud Light to win back their customers is probably by giving out free beers in the thousands. Rural Americans state that radically boycotting brands like these are necessary in order to stop radicalised woke-ism. 

Others are stating that this trend needs to stay for at least a few more months in order to actually hurt the company. It seems that a majority of conservatives are on board doing so. Furthermore, there are a number of users promoting Miller, a solid competitor to Bud Light. Following that, a number of users state that Bud Light doesn’t even taste good. 

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Men are stating that in order to get the attention of another man is to promote women in sexy outfits and poses. coupons would not get the attention of the standard beer drinker, especially in rural America. 

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