Business & EconomyBoeing in hot waters again after sourcing US jobs overseas 

Boeing in hot waters again after sourcing US jobs overseas 

Boeing has gotten themselves in hot waters again. This is due to the fact that they have outsourced 700 jobs to India. Conservative Americans do not find that as a positive attribute as in their view point, less Americans will be working for the company. 

This is because the aircraft manufacturer is currently recovering from the mess that was the Boeing 737-8 Max scandal. Furthermore, they are having issues with their other flagships like the Boeing 787s and Boeing 777x series

According to Breitbart, Boeing has recently announced that they will be reducing their American workforce by about 2,000 employees who are currently employed in financial and human resources roles. 

Additionally, the company decided to outsource around 700 of these jobs to Tata Consulting Services (TCS). TCS is an outsourcing firm headquartered in India. This decision is part of a larger contract between Boeing and TCS.

What are netizens thinking about this Boeing move? 

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There are bold accusations that the company is footing the bill for the Ukraine war. Conservatives are complaining that these 700 jobs is stealing away opportunities from the white-collar Americans. Whereas, others are stating that the American taxpayers are footing the bill for large corporations to do this. 

Others are blaming the President of the United States, Joe Biden for this critical move. Nevertheless, a netizen also claims that taxpayers will also help bail out these multinational companies when they’re in trouble. Furthermore, other companies are also following suit with this strategy. 

Boeing CEO denied $7 million bonus after delays 

Simple Flying states that due to the delayed entry of the Boeing 777X into service, Dave Calhoun, the CEO of the airline manufacturer, will not be receiving his $7 million bonus. The purpose of the bonus is based on a performance incentive.  

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The incentive is on the basis that the company achieves seven milestones by the end of 2023. Unfortunately, with the delays in the 777X’s service entry, these milestones are unlikely achievable, resulting in the loss of Calhoun’s bonus. 

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