It is rare in today’s world to see a country actively trying to reduce their crime rates. For the most part, it seems some woke governments are encouraging crime to be committed. Furthermore, conservative Americans are applauding El-Salvador for reducing their crime rates in recent years. 

According to Al-Jazeera, in a sweeping move, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has imprisoned over 70,000 individuals, bypassing due process to curb long-standing gang issues. The strategy, though criticized for civil liberty violations and abuse, has sparked admiration in neighboring countries. Politicians in Honduras and Guatemala have lauded Bukele’s methods, drawing parallels to his aggressive stance against criminal gangs.

Both left-wing President Xiomara Castro in Honduras and former right-wing presidential candidate Zury Rios in Guatemala have found inspiration in El Salvador’s crackdown. However, concerns about replicating these policies without undermining democracy and escalating violence loom large. 

Under a state of exception since 2022, El Salvador faces curtailed constitutional rights aimed at swift anti-crime action.

However, liberals are not entirely too happy with the country’s decision to reduce their crime rates. 

El-Salvador applauded by X users for reduced crime rates 

X users state that their government simply enforced their existing laws and are putting away criminals behind bars. This is supposed to be reflective towards all other countries but it seems that this is largely ignored. The support from local authorities and the police is crucial to any governments. 

Others are blaming the Democrats for not enforcing the law on Americans. They believe that the Democrats do not want law and order. However, centrists state that both Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same bird and that the American people should not simply trust a political party that easily. 

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