LifeConservatives calling White supremacy a myth after non-White cab drivers refuse to...

Conservatives calling White supremacy a myth after non-White cab drivers refuse to accept Black customers

In this day and age, it is quite unfortunate to see a particular racial group being declined service. However, the woke culture would call this whole issue as White supremacy despite the perpetrators not being White. Recently, a viral headline is grinding the gears of both the conservatives and liberals. 

Apparently, Black people are getting ignored by cab drivers. According to an opinion piece on Medium, around two-thirds (66%) of African Americans in Chicago believe that taxi drivers in the city deliberately discriminate against them. Furthermore, a majority of 62% among African Americans feel that low-income and minority neighborhoods are more likely to experience poor service.

This includes service refusal. Among African Americans, 48% believe that hailing a cab might result in being ignored. In contrast, just 23% of Whites anticipate such treatment. Cabs are important to those who lack basic transportation access and to those who do not own a car. 

X users share their opinions on non-White cab drivers refusing Black customers 

There are some users who claim that Black customers tend to leave bigger tips for the drivers. They joke that it could be a possibility that these cab drivers would want to avoid getting a call up from the IRS due to this. However, there are a number of unfortunate comments towards the Black community. 

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In addition to this, there are some users commenting that many dislike the African American race. They state that Black people tend to stick to themselves and it would be wrong for others to speak out on it. Unfortunately, these circumstances were in lieu of awful incidents in the past. 

Some users claim that if a pattern is correct, that would mean it is somewhat true. However, a cab driver responds to this remark stating that they do not find this as a pattern. In addition to this, the driver states that those who refuse a customer solely on their race, are in fact a racist despite their justifications. 

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