LifeConservatives calling Democrat politician Ilhan Omar racist after her public statement against...

Conservatives calling Democrat politician Ilhan Omar racist after her public statement against White men

The racism against certain racial groups in America is at a high as politician Ilhan Omar is blatantly able to make remarks against White men publicly. Furthermore, Twitter users, regardless of their race, are finding this remark to be extremely offensive. It is in no way helpful to show prejudice against a specific gender or race. 

According to Sportskeeda, Ilhan Omar, the US Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, made a controversial statement recently. She asserts that the nation should show more concerns about the actions of white men, as they are responsible for a significant portion of deaths in the country. 

Furthermore, the remarks are facing sharp criticism, with some highlighting the double standards that would arise if a White politician made similar comments about the Black community. In addition to this, others are questioning her stance given her marriage to a white man. 

Twitter users against Ilhan Omar’s controversial statement 

Several individuals on Twitter are calling her out stating that this isn’t “reverse racism” it is straight up racism. Furthermore, White men are coming out stating that she has more privilege and power than the average White man as she is a politician. 

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Following that, users are calling her out stating that she is married to a White man. Conservatives are calling the irony out of certain Black women who marry White men yet at the same time are making openly racist remarks against them. Americans are tired of the hypocrisy that some people are bold enough to show. 

Some are stating that she should have a revocation of her American citizenship. Others are questioning how she is even in the American government despite not being born in America. Furthermore, it is clearly upsetting a lot of Americans to see a politician talk about a specific race in a negative light. 

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