The pride month in June is when usually most corporations like Target would promote their support towards the LGBT community. This is contrary to their own practices a few decades back, where an employee could lose their job if they were gay. However, it seems that these companies are in full swing, including clothes for children to tuck their genitals in. 

According to the Washington Post, amidst the unstable situation, the company states its intention to modify its plans by eliminating contentious items that have been at the core of recent confrontations. 

This could be due to the recent misinformation surrounding children’s bathing suits falsely advertised as “tuck-friendly” by conservative groups.  Furthermore, media sources appear to be a focal point. However, it should be noted that these specific swimwear items are exclusively for adults. 

Tuck-friendly swimwear provides additional coverage, catering to transgender women who have not undergone gender-affirming surgeries. This will enable them to conceal their genitalia.

Twitter users react to conservatives boycotting Target


Despite what the Washington Post states, eyewitnesses state that the bathing suits are made for children. The Twitter user then states that the conservatives are showing their strength through economic power. The user adds that these swimsuits are currently available in the southern part of the United States. 


Furthermore, another person on the internet states that there are multiple clothes that are available for toddlers. One TikToker showed physical evidence that some of these items are for babies. Regardless, there are many who feel uncomfortable forcing this idea towards children. This opinion is another subject for debate. 


More and more Twitter users are coming out against Target. They state that the retail chain company deserves the same fate as Bud Light. Another Twitter user states that she is no longer shopping with the brand anymore since their introduction of co-ed bathrooms. 


Following that, Twitter users are asking the golden question. Why is Target doing their level best to appease to 1% of the population? Other conservatives state that the only way to stop these brands from being ultra woke is to vote with their wallets. It seems to work for Bud Light, and Target is the next “target.” 

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