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We’ve seen Bud Light entering themselves into hot waters for working with Dylan Mulvaney. However, now Fox News is receiving the same treatment. This is due to the fact that they are emphasizing that their reporters do not report anything negative against the famous trans influencer. 

According to Trending Politics, Fox News reportedly is shifting  its company policies to provide increased support for employees undergoing gender transitions. The new guidelines in the “Gender Transition” section of the Fox News company handbook. They aim to foster a more inclusive work environment. 

Following that, they are allowing employees to select restrooms based on their preferred gender and specify their preferred pronouns on company materials. This development coincides with internal changes at the cable news powerhouse. This is probably the reason for the removal of primetime host Tucker Carlson in April. 

Fox news viewers upset at them turning WOKE 


Following that, Collin Rugg, the co-owner of Trending Politics, states that a former producer of the network states they secretly want to push the woke agenda behind closed doors. This is despite the fact that they are portraying themselves as conservatives in order to appease their general audience. However, it seems to be backfiring on them. 

Furthermore, liberals are making jokes about the conservative people’s reaction towards this whole ordeal. One of them states that they blame the Ed Sullivan show for bringing on Elvis and the Beatles in the 60s for promoting the hippie culture. To some, censorship seems to be progressive in contrast to the fight for the removal of censorships. 

There are several comments that are transphobic towards Dylan Mulvaney. Unfortunately, there are some women who dislike the trans influencer stating that she is making a mockery of women. This viewpoint is popular, especially among conservative women. A conservative woman claims that she is being suppressed by the overrepresentation of trans women in the media. 

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