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Corporate America SCARED at Conservatives, hence little or no PRIDE logos in 2023? 

It appears that corporate America is taking a slow step in placing their pride logos in 2023. Typically, when June hits, these companies would be ready to upload their logo with a pride background. However, stemming from the whole Bud Light drama, Target, Kohls and others are affected by this conservative shockwave. 

According to CNN, following backlash and threats from right-wing commentators, politicians, and other individuals, calls for boycotts are emerging. Despite their claims of ongoing support for the LGBTQ+ community, Bud Light and Target are doubling down. 

Furthermore, Bud Light recently announces a donation to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce in aid of LGBTQ+ owned small businesses. Target continues to offer a significant portion of its Pride merchandise for sale in stores. 

Nonetheless, these instances of backtracking underscore the chilling effect that backlash and threats can have on companies. Following that, it would leave them uncertain and lacking a clearly defined way forward.

Twitter users reacting to corporate America backtracking their support for Pride month

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Conservatives on Twitter are rejoicing with the fact that these companies are backing down from their wrath. One user states that these corporations are seeing Bud Light and Target’s sales tank in front of their eyes. Furthermore, this shows that regardless of what a company says, sales are their bottom line. 


Others state that it is time to make their voices heard through their wallets. Following that, it does seem true that these companies are doubling down after all the scandals. However, another user states that they still support the LGBTQ+ community. If conservatives are adamant on boycotting them for real, there will be little to no alternative for them to shop. 

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Some users are stating that Pride month has 30 days and currently it has only been a day. However, many are also stating that the first day is actually one of the most important days to show support. If a company does not show massive support on the first day, they might also get backlash from the woke left. 

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