LifeWoman changes GENDER pronouns EVERY MONTH, conservatives looking at non-binary people as...

Woman changes GENDER pronouns EVERY MONTH, conservatives looking at non-binary people as JOKES 

The focus on the non-binary people is making conservatives irk even further. Recently, there is a person, most would identify her as a woman, states that her gender changes every month. It ranges from She/They to They/Xe and ends with He/They/Xe. Regardless, this will definitely confuse people, especially people who do not know this individual well.

According to a study done by researchers in Nottingham Trent University states that non-binary individuals have better mental health in comparison to binary transgender individuals. However, they have it worse than cisgender individuals. To those that do not know, cisgenders are those who are people comfortable with the gender they are born with. 

Even major celebrities like Sam Smith and Demi Lovato are coming out as non-binary. Furthermore, it seems that a number of youths are following this trend. There might be certain individuals who genuinely are non-binary. However, when women like Xe/They keep changing their pronouns every month, it would be rather difficult to take people like her seriously. 

Twitter users react to the woman changing her gender pronouns every month 

Libs of TikTok, commonly hated by liberals and woke individuals, posted this video. Furthermore, the caption states that we have to agree to the peculiar choices these people make, or else we are transphobic. Twitter users agree with this sentiment and are stating that individuals like this woman can possibly suffer from a multiple personality disorder. 

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People from the older generations are stating that the current generation is gone. We have the most psychologists and mental health therapists to date, yet these issues are prevalent. This will take a few generations to weed out, said the user. Following that, other uses are saying that they will raise their kids the Gen X way, by going outside to play. 

In addition to that, a user states that she will not budge with people who are not sure of themselves. She would continue calling them for the gender they look like, which is either a woman or man. Furthermore, she states that if necessary, she would then stick to the individual’s name. 

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Conservatives are stating that liberals are doing their level best to control the freedom of speech. Furthermore, a Twitter user states that probably all non-binary individuals are liberals. Another person states that in the end, a majority of people will call the TikToker she/her as it is easier. 

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Image above is a screen grab from Twitter.

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