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How to present your resume with confidence even if you’re chronic job hopper

It is quite challenging to change jobs often and at the same time have a good resume to show your future employers.

While changing jobs often can help workers earn more, this practice can bring some challenges. Job hopping is sometimes necessary to progress in a job but it can be a stigma with future employers.

If you’re a chronic job hopper, you’re definitely going to be concerned about how you are going to secure your next position and how it’s going to look on your resume.

Resume writing

One tip is to leave out irrelevant positions in your resume. Omit positions from your experience that are not relevant or pertinent and contain things that have no consequence.

What can you leave out? Short term contract positions, irrelevant roles or positions that span over 10 years. Instead focus on roles that you excel in so you can show your skills and achievements.

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Combine roles where possible. If you have similar roles such as marketing or sales roles over a one year period, you can put it all in under one umbrella such as sales and marketing or public relations and communication and marketing as marketing communication for example.

Also work with the dates. Rather than listing Dec 2022 to Jan 2023 just leave out the months so you are not all over the place in terms of dates.

A job from x year to y year looks far more professional than just a couple a months here and there.

Outline your achievements rather than which companies you work for

Emphasise your achievements in your professional life more than the company you work for. Core skills and achievements always go a long way with employers. If there is something phenomenal that you have done for a particular company even though you have worked there for a short span of time, do highlight it.

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Providing facts and figures about your achievements always helps too. If you contributed to an increase in sales in the company for example, chronicle how many percent or how much profit or earnings went up in the time you were there for example.

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