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It appears the state of California will be providing free healthcare to the illegal immigrants coming to the United States. However, with many struggling during this near recession time, Americans are unhappy with this news. Furthermore, some are even accusing the government of favouring outsiders rather than Americans themselves. 

The New York Post states, California, grappling with a $68 billion deficit, boldly expands health coverage to all qualifying undocumented immigrants through its government-run Medi-Cal program, defying financial woes. The move marks a historic first, offering care regardless of immigration status or age.

Initially extending coverage to young and older undocumented adults, the state now plans to encompass those aged 26-49. Democrats hailed this expansion as a milestone, underscoring healthcare as a fundamental right.

Yet, critics highlight potential risks, citing fiscal strain and medical resource shortages, urging caution amidst unprecedented budget constraints. Concerns mount over overburdened services and doctor shortages due to low reimbursement rates.

CALIFORNIA: Illegal migrants to get FREE healthcare 

Conservatives on X are calling the bluff of the Democrats for claiming that there isn’t enough funds to help with the homeless problem that is crowding California. However, in an ironic twist, they are able to help non-Americans get free healthcare. The intention is a positive one, but at the same time, Americans themselves are struggling to make ends meet. 


Those living in the state are upset at this news, they feel that the local government does not reflect them or their peers. Following that, conservatives told these individuals that they can freely pack their things up and leave the state. Conservatives add that it is most likely that those who are complaining now were the ones who voted for this to happen. 

Democrat supporters are also tired of the entire debacle going on. They feel that the hard working Americans are getting ripped off with the woke agenda. The country is still riddled with violent crimes, yet the government thinks that it is best to import people from overseas into this mess. 

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