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Donald Trump’s potential 2024 bid sets the stage for a heated battle against President Joe Biden, barring any legal hiccups. Biden’s global encounters have led many to implore him to block Trump’s return to power. During a Philadelphia fundraiser, the 81-year-old mentioned leaders from various nations fervently urging him against Trump’s victory.

PoliticalFlare states, Surging polls favour Trump for the GOP nomination, with a majority of Republican voters backing him. Biden, facing this challenge, attended a fundraising event, emphasising the USA’s global importance and warning of international uproar if Trump returns.

Troublingly, recent polls depict Trump neck-and-neck or ahead of Biden, even in critical swing states. The persistence of Trump’s support amid legal turmoil reflects GOP sentiments, indicating a tough battle ahead for Democrats.

The Democrats’ lacklustre response raises concerns. Biden’s sporadic appearances demand a more robust campaign trail effort to counter Trump’s momentum.

However, on social media, it seems that the support for both nominees are rather solid. The liberal folks and the conservative folks are determined to support their candidate regardless of what is said about either of them.

Will Biden win the next election? 

Strong blue states like Michigan are waning towards the Republican party. One of the reasons why is due to the economy. Many residents feel that they’re not seeing much improvement under his regime. Democrat supporters are finding this to be shocking as Republicans are generally a lot more conservative, which in their eyes, may not be a good thing for women. 

Unfortunately, those on the centre feel that both candidates are not suitable for America. They feel that this is what a two party political system does to a country and feel that America deserves better. Be that as it may, a two party political system is more stable than having multiple parties trying to govern the country as votes will be split even further and a majority would not be formed easily. 

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