Business & EconomyLowe’s employee fired after getting injured trying to stop thieves

Lowe’s employee fired after getting injured trying to stop thieves

America is getting weirder and weirder. This is due to the fact that criminals are not getting their punishments, but those who are trying to prevent crimes are the ones paying for it. Unfortunately for a Lowe’s employee, she lost her job while trying to stop a robbery at the store she was working at. 

According to the New York Post, In Rincon, Georgia, a Lowe’s employee, Donna Hansbrough, 68-years-old, courageously tries to prevent shoplifters from stealing $2,100 worth of merchandise. Initially, she was witnessing three individuals loading up a shopping cart and attempting to leave the store without paying.

Donna grabs onto the cart, which was allegedly being pushed by Takyah Berry, one of the shoplifters. Unfortunately, the situation took a violent turn, and Takyah Berry allegedly assaults the veteran employee, striking her in the face three times. Unfortunately, it left her with a black eye. As a consequence of her brave actions, Donna Hansbrough lost her job. 

Twitter users siding with Lowe’s employee

It appears that conservative Americans are fearing for their own country. Furthermore, a Twitter user states that the country is now protecting criminals instead of instilling law and order in the country. However, some claim that these individuals are caught and are receiving their punishments. 

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Some are stating that stores are implementing this no tolerance policies towards their staff due to them willing to let go of some stock. A Twitter user claims that if a staff member gets an injury, it will cost the company more money than losing stock. However, another user claims that the store they are working at is losing more than a million dollars last year due to shoplifting. 


Twitter users are calling her a hero as some people can’t turn off their moral compassion due to a company policy. Unfortunately, there are some racist comments in relation to the alleged robbers. Some claim that the woman should reconsider the danger she was about to get into before approaching three Black men. However, this is a wrong sentiment to believe in as not all individuals of the same race behaves the same way. 

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