InternationalFarhad Morishi placing Everton up for sale at £500 million asking price 

Farhad Morishi placing Everton up for sale at £500 million asking price 

Farhad Moshiri has listed Everton for sale and is seeking bids of more than £500 million for the Premier League team. 

Moshiri has been looking for outside investment in recent months, but he has now put Everton up for sale and would entertain a partial or majority sale. Several prospective purchasers have shown interest.

According to the Guardian, Moshiri hopes to get his money back from the new stadium he invested in at Bramley-Moore Dock. Deloitte has reportedly been assigned the task of handling the sale of the Premier League relegation-threatened team. 

The British-Iranian billionaire’s attempt to sell on the same day that Everton suffered two setbacks: Marcelo Bielsa expressed uncertainty about taking over as manager in place of Frank Lampard, and Tottenham halted their pursuit of Arnaut Danjuma.

Amount spent on Everton 

During the Moshiri era, almost £700m has been spent on more than 50 players, with slightly over £400m being recovered through sales. The attempted sale occurs at a risky time for Everton as the stadium, which will cost at least £550 million to build, the club’s most recent three sets of accounts, which show combined losses of £372.6 million, and lucrative business ties severed with firms owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Opinions on Farhad Morishi selling Everton 

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Many fans of Everton Football Club acknowledge that the current owners have made efforts to improve the team by hiring multiple managers, however, these efforts have not resulted in significant progress. This fan hopes that the new owners of the club will be successful in their endeavours as there is much work to be done to improve the team’s performance.

It has been suggested that Todd Boehly, the owner of Chelsea Football Club, should consider acquiring Everton and appointing Thomas Tuchel as the team’s coach. This idea is popular among fans, as they believe that Tuchel’s leadership could help turn around the struggling club. Additionally, it would also be beneficial for Boehly as a profitable Everton team would be a valuable asset to his portfolio.

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There were a plethora of comments asking why the selling price is lower than expected. Fans even claimed that other clubs have spent almost as much on transfer payments for 2022. An entire team is another club’s transfer fee for the year. On top of that, with an individual player reaching the ballpark of £100 million, the concerns are quite valid. 

Everton is a historical club, and many are expecting it to be sold for more. Founded in 1878, and is a Premier League club, and a solid fan base. To top it all off, they are currently building a new stadium which is due to open in 2024. 


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There is ongoing debate about the role that fans have played in the current state of Everton Football Club. Some have alleged that the fans themselves have contributed to the club’s struggles. Another popular perspective is that the club has long been overshadowed by Liverpool Football Club, which is also based in Liverpool and is more well-known and successful. It is a complex issue with multiple perspectives and opinions.

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