InternationalGlazers stand firm on Manchester United’s sale price 

Glazers stand firm on Manchester United’s sale price 

The ownership of Manchester United Football Club is currently being evaluated, with the Glazers, who currently own the club, reportedly open to offers. However, recent reports suggest that the family is not willing to lower their asking price and are anticipating a complete takeover. 

In November, it was reported that the Glazers were actively “exploring strategic alternatives.” It seems their stance has changed in recent days.

The Glazers are reportedly prepared to hold out for up to £8 billion. This would be a far-reaching global record for a football club. A new report suggests that the top brass at Old Trafford will be unwavering in their demands.

A representative for Ratcliffe, the chairman of the industrial chemical powerhouse INEOS, said, “We have formally entered ourselves into the process.” 

The 70-year-old, one of Britain’s richest men with a net worth of £12.5 billion. He admits to having “divided loyalties” with Premier League rivals Chelsea because he worked in London when he created his chemicals empire. Regardless, he still claims to be a lifelong United supporter.

Views on the Glazers selling Manchester United 

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It is no secret that fans of Manchester United Football Club are deeply frustrated with the Glazer family. This frustration stems from several instances where the club missed out on high-profile player acquisitions.

Additionally, fans have expressed disappointment in the Glazers for not providing sufficient support for Cristiano Ronaldo during a recent controversial incident involving the player and head coach Ten Hag. The Glazers’ actions have led to a growing discontent among the fan base.

Some fans of Manchester United Football Club have expressed their desire for an Arab investor to acquire the club and provide necessary funding. The sentiment that “nothing beats Arab cash” is shared among fans. 

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However, there is also a group of fans who disagree with this idea, as they believe that it is not appropriate for a historically English club like United to have Arab ownership. It is a matter of perspective and opinions.

Opinions on Ratcliffe purchasing the club 


Fans are not too keen on Ratcliffe purchasing the club. They think he might not have the funds to sponsor the club fully. To run a club as big as Manchester United, money should not be a problem for its owners. 

However, those that share positive sentiments towards this decision claim that fans who are wealthy enough to purchase the club should be allowed to do so. Having a fan as an owner means that the fan will hire the right people incharge of running the day to day operations of the club. 

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Other opinions on Ratcliffe claiming that he is not serious when purchasing clubs is that he himself stated that he is pulling out of the race to purchase Liverpool towards the end of 2022. However, that was before his sparked interest in Manchester United. 

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