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The fight between conservatives and the ultra liberals is not over. It has reached to the point that even the LGBTQ+ community is undergoing a civil war of some sort. However, most users are appalled with the public schools in America hiring green haired women who think they have no gender. 

Early last year, there was a story of a disappointed parent blaming a school teacher for convincing their child to be “non-binary.” According to AP News, a mother is suing Spreckels Union School District in California, claiming teachers coerced her 11-year-old daughter into changing her gender identity. The legal claim alleges extreme conduct that led the child to identify as a boy, causing a rift between mother and child. 

Furthermore, the conservative legal group filing the claim asserts that two middle school teachers, part of the school’s Equality Club (later UBU), planted the idea of bisexuality and later transgender identity. The legal action follows controversy when the teachers were criticized for anti-transgender views. The district is investigating, and the mother alleges a violation of her parenting rights.

“Non-binary” teacher seemingly excited when students confused with their gender 

Most X users agree that schools are meant to educate students. However, the irony behind this is that some teachers are using their gender identity issues as the main subject for these kids. Furthermore, teachers should not put down their personal issues to the students they are teaching as it is distracting. 


In addition to this, most agree that this is an extremely inappropriate thing to do in front of students. Some users hope that the parents of the children in this person’s class do identify them and report them. For the most part, it is individuals like that making non-binary people look worse off. 

Following that, other conservatives are showing their surprise at the sudden tide turn. Prior to this, most social media commentators would support individuals like this teacher. However, over time, it seems the contrary is happening. For the most part, users feel that this trend will take one or two years to disappear. 

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