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Pregnant woman who blasted family for not liking the baby name she picked gets mercilessly trolled online




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A is being flamed online after she went to the extent of cancelling a shower and blasting her for giving her a hard time for the name she picked for her unborn son.

The contentious name the woman picked for her baby is Squire Sebastian Senator.

Revealing that this rather absurd name “is not his full name, Squire Sebastian Senator is only his first name,” the woman made clear on social that she will not be swayed from her decision to name her son “Squire Sebastian Senator”.

On the event page of the now-cancelled baby shower, the mother declared: “My baby’s name WILL be a revolution. It will push people to question everything.”

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“This is the name I was meant to give him. This is how it will be. He will not be allowed to have a nickname, he is to be called by his full and complete first name.

“This name conveys . It conveys . It conveys success. If you look back in our family tree, the survival of this clan is literally rooted in squiredom. We are all related to senators too.”

Ripping into her family for not being on board with the baby name, the woman blasted: “Ya’ll have been talking sh-t about my unborn baby. AN UNBORN CHILD! How can you judge an unborn child?? What is wrong with you?? I never knew my family could be so judgmental. They’ve spread rumors and lies about my child.”

She added: “No, I am not crazy. No, I am not mentally unstable. No, I was not drunk when I named my child.”

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Publicly cutting her family our of her and her baby’s , the woman blasted: “F[**]k you all. Fake a[**] family, You won’t get to be a part of my baby’s and it’s all because you had to judge him.”

The woman’s post went viral after it made its way to . Instead of receiving support, the mother was roasted online for her name choice and many pointed out that her family was not criticising her unborn child but the name she chose for the baby:

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