Business & EconomyResidents SCARED to offend FRAGILE TRANSGENDER manager in STARBUCKS  

Residents SCARED to offend FRAGILE TRANSGENDER manager in STARBUCKS  

A viral video that has been circulating for weeks shows a customer fighting a Starbucks manager who is transgender. In the video, the manager is seen telling off the customer due to her misgendering the manager. However, things like these can happen as at times it can be hard to determine the gender of an individual. 

The Daily Mail states, the shocking video is sparking widespread speculation regarding the individual on camera berating Vanessa Thomas, a 55-year-old woman. This is after she unintentionally refers to one of her colleagues as a “lady.” 

The incident took place at a Starbucks, which has partial ownership by a licensing company. The person involved, identifies as Luna, had been working for Starbucks within the last six months while pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at the Open University.

Following the incident, Luna lost her position at Starbucks, as the company declares a zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior. Additionally, the police are initiating an investigation into the matter.

Twitter users react to FRAGILE transgender manager 

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The conservatives are vehemently against these people disrupting the norm of their beliefs. Furthermore, a user asks why they are so fragile, implying that a simple error can cause a whole uproar. Others state that these people are living a lie, while, if they have self assurance with their identity, they would not overreact over something so simple. 


Another Twitter user states that there is no point for people like Luna to be transgender as people like her are miserable no matter what. Following that, there are multiple users who agree with this sentiment as happy people would not react in such a way. Another user suggests that individuals like her are merely seeking attention. 

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Twitter users are unsure if Starbucks fired the manager, but Daily Mail reports that she was indeed fired. Furthermore, conservatives are stating that the manager should receive an arrest from the police due to her assaulting the individual filming her. 


Some feel that fearing people like Luna should not be the case as this is merely a problem. However, they do understand that the trans community in Europe and America are forcing everyone else to agree with their lifestyle. Furthermore, it is alright to want people to accept you for yourself, but to force it on other people is the root of the whole situation. 

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