LifeChicago residents NOT HAPPY at 250 ILLEGALS coming to stay with them 

Chicago residents NOT HAPPY at 250 ILLEGALS coming to stay with them 

The whole immigrant issue is taking a toll on American neighborhoods it seems. A Chicago district was told that about 250 immigrants are about to come and live in their areas. However, this is seen with retaliation among the locals as they are not keen with the idea. It appears that even the minorities in the area are supporting the sentiment of building a border wall in America. 

Earlier this year, Fox News state, protests in a Chicago neighborhood as residents express their discontent over Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s surprise announcement to convert a shuttered elementary school into a migrant shelter.

For several months, Lightfoot’s administration quietly had plans to repurpose the vacant Wadsworth Elementary School, located at 6420 S. University Ave. in Woodlawn, as a housing facility for migrants. However, the decision is blindsiding local residents, leaving them feeling without a voice.

In an effort to voice their concerns, a group of Woodlawn community members gathered on Thursday morning. They demand that the Chicago government prioritize resources for the local population rather than allocating them solely to the migrants.

Chicago residents showing discontent over illegals coming to their neighbourhood  ​

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However, this is a recent incident, and it appears that Chicago residents are supporting the “build the wall” movement by Trump. In addition to this, conservatives state that this is fairly typical of blue states. There are a multitude of allegations thrown at President Joe Biden for his involvement in certain laws and bills. Conservatives are asking liberals their thoughts about these allegations. 

Others state that these very people who are protesting this idea likely gave the Democrats their vote. Furthermore, conservatives are telling them to enjoy the Democrat version of America. Another Twitter user states that its better to add a couple more zeros after the 250 immigrants because it seems that they will possibly be receiving more. 

Americans are complaining that Texas and Arizona are receiving an even larger number than Chicago. Furthermore, the southern states are feeling the effects of this on a larger scale. Twitter users are also complaining that the American government needs to help its own people first before sticking its nose in another nation’s business. 

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