AsiaSingapore is Home to a Variety of Steak Restaurants That Offer Juicy,...

Singapore is Home to a Variety of Steak Restaurants That Offer Juicy, Tender, and Impeccably Cooked Steaks

There is always a significant difference in quality between the premium cut and the usual range; you really do get what you pay for and which restaurants offers the best. So how do you choose where to go to satisfy your cravings for a perfectly marbled steak?

At this fest, you can enjoy a selected appetiser with any tenderloin steak order and get rewarded with a stamp. Once you collect 4 stamps, you can redeem them for a $10 discount on your next purchase.

Jack’s Place Signature Tenderloin is a cut that most steakhouses do not sell, making it a unique offering among steakhouses in Singapore. Jack’s Place is a restaurant that uses the pinnacle of premium grass-fed New Zealand beef for their tenderloin steaks.

These are the most tender cuts of beef being both lean yet succulent with a buttery texture and a blend of subtle beefy undernotes. Shipped chilled directly from farms in New Zealand with a process and temperature-controlled environment that has been fine-tuned and perfected over almost 6 decades, Jack’s Place ensures that only the most succulent beef from the farms are selected to be made into sensational steaks for the table.

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Jack’s Place steaks are also aged for at least 60 days to draw out the best natural flavours from each cut.

This year, the Jack’s Place Tenderloin Fest introduces 10 feast-worthy ways for diners to enjoy their Signature Tenderloin steaks. From classic grill specialities including Jack’s Special Steak (a tenderloin fillet topped with white asparagus and black mushroom sauce), Fire Steak (flamed with brandy), Tenderloin with Escargots (served in garlic and herbs butter), Sambal Steak (served with Jack’s spicy sambal sauce), to 2 new seasonal flavours – Cajun Steak (tender fillet steak served with Cajun-style chunky tomato and capsicum sauce) and Carpetbag Steak (succulent oyster stuffed in tenderloin fillet), there is a tenderloin for every appetite!

During the fest, diners will also receive a Tenderloin Fest stamp card, where they will receive a stamp for every Tenderloin Steak order – 4 stamps will allow diners to redeem a S$10 off their next meal at Jack’s Place. In addition, Jack’s Place is offering a special price for 1 premium appetiser at only S$8.80 with every purchase of a tenderloin steak during the fest. Appetisers include mouthwatering delights such as the Lobster and Crab Stuffed Mushrooms (usual price S$12.50), Escargots in Shells with Garlic Butter (6 pieces) (usual price S$11.50), Scallops Bienville (usual price S$12), Meat-free Chargrilled Pieces Salad (usual price S$11.50) and the Crispy Sampler Platter (usual price S$16.50).

The founders of Jack’s Place are well aware of how much Singaporeans love beefy picks, especially those that include splurge-worthy favourites and premium beef cuts with delicious sides. At Jack’s Place, you can choose from a wide range of impeccable beef steaks that are cooked with the best cuts of Tenderloin, Ribeye, Striploin, and T-bone, normally topped with white asparagus, black pepper or mushroom sauce.

If this is enough to get your mouth watering, head over to Jack’s Place for supper tonight to check out its scrumptious steaks served in 10 feast-worthy ways. The Tenderloin Fest menu is available at all 13 Jack’s Place outlets island-wide.

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The best option is to enjoy a well-priced tenderloin steak at the Jack’s Place Annual Tenderloin Fest.

More information: You might think the best balance is perhaps to buy an expensive beef steak at a wholesaler, then cook it yourself with the appropriate equipment. Jack’s Place has been one of Singapore’s most loved steakhouses since 1966. It is reintroducing its tenderloin fest promotion this September and October, featuring the restaurant chain’s signature tenderloin steaks served on sizzling hotplates with special Jack’s Place sauces and toppings, along with specially-priced premium appetisers.

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