Business & EconomyTARGET places inventory on LOCKDOWN after multiple ROBBERIES in “WOKE” San Francisco 

TARGET places inventory on LOCKDOWN after multiple ROBBERIES in “WOKE” San Francisco 

The superstore Target is currently placing their inventories under lockdown in San Francisco after a huge wave of individuals stealing from their stores. In 2021, the New York Post states that the retail giant lost $400 million. This is solely due to the high number of shoplifters who are not arrested by the police stealing the store’s inventory. 

The DailyMail states the city’s residents are still grappling with a surge in crime. Furthermore, a Target spokesperson states that they are concerned about organised retail crime and are taking proactive measures to enhance safety for their teams and customers. Following that, they are trying their best to deter and prevent theft. 

The internet react to Target placing their inventory on lockdown 

Twitter users state that we might slowly return to the days where a clerk will find the products for the customers. By having the customers not being able to freely browse through the merchandise, the chances of theft will obviously decrease. 

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Some users state that this will decrease the profits these stores are making from last minute decisions by the customers. However, this seems to be the only logical way as it appears that robbery is at an all time high. The user states that the situation is so bad that reducing the chances of a customer buying items impulsively is more profitable. 

Twitter users are blaming the Democrats for placing laws that are protecting criminals. They suggest that Target should talk with their money by funding the political party that will protect them. Furthermore, other users state that the whole justice system is broken. This is especially when criminals are able to literally steal immensely from stores. 

Lastly, conservative users express concern that stores in predominantly Black areas may face closure in the near future. They also worry about the potential for robbery of delivery trucks in these areas, which can result in these neighbourhoods being cut off. Unfortunately, if this is to happen, there is a risk that the issue will be wrongly attributed to race, disregarding the actions of individuals that may have contributed to the situation.

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