politicsTrump Struggles To Raise Campaign Funds

Trump Struggles To Raise Campaign Funds

The 2024 elections are nearing and the Democrats and Republicans are ready to fight but former President Donald Trump is having a tough time raising campaign funds.

During his time as the President, the media was vehemently against him, yet at the same time, millions of Americans still supported him.

According to CNN, a source familiar with the fundraising figures claims that Trump’s political operation raised $9.5 million in the roughly six weeks following the announcement of his most recent White House candidature.

Low campaign funds

The amount raised is less than the over $11.8 million in campaign funds that Trump companies raised in the six weeks leading up to the Republican’s declaration of his candidature on November 15; this highlights the difficulties Trump faces as he seeks to make a comeback in politics.

Remarks about Trump

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One of the people who are openly anti-Trump stated that he is treated as normaly as possible buy the media. This is without regard to what happened on 6th January 2021, the riots that some are claiming that he is responsible for.

Those that are anti-Trump stated that it is not understandable that he is treated as normally as possible. There are claims that this whole debacle is criminally negligent. However, that is up to one’s opinion. As long as he is not charged for his crimes, he is still innocent.

A reporter on Twitter dismissed his support for Trump and is facing backlash. This is mainly due to him being a strong Republican. Many Republican supporters are still on Trump’s side. They claim that the only thing Trump is asking from his supporters is their loyalty and support.

Trump’s viewpoint on “gender affirming care”

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Joe Biden has recently passed a law which states that minors below the age of 18-years-old can receive treatment to change their physical gender if they choose to. This is a controversial move done by the Democrats as many parents and conservative folks in America are vehemently against this.
Trump stated his full opinion on this matter and stated that on the first day of his Presidency, he will stop gender affirming care. He then added that it is a chemical, physical and emotional “mutilation” towards the youth of America.

Netizens are still not happy that he never provided an alternative to Obama care as promised. They further claimed that he needs to win the Presidential candidacy within the Republican party. There were plenty who supported Trump just on this statement alone as they agree with what he has to say.

Many claim that he is no longer relevant as he once was. Even Republicans are stating that he is copying other right-wingers when it comes to the basis of policies. Could this be the potential reason why he is getting a lack of campaign funds? The 2024 American Presidential campaign will be quite an interesting race.

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