LifeStudy shows WOKE individuals are LITERALLY CRAZIER than CONSERVATIVES 

Study shows WOKE individuals are LITERALLY CRAZIER than CONSERVATIVES 

There are countless videos on TikTok and Twitter depicting woke individuals who are generally problematic. Generally, they are seen as loud, outspoken and irrational. Furthermore, it seems that an actual study done by Pew in 2020 states that liberals have a higher tendency to have mental illness. 

According to WIBC, a study discovers that individuals identifying as conservatives are notably less likely to receive diagnoses for mental health issues. This is in comparison to those identifying as either liberal or “very liberal.” 

Disturbingly, young white women are facing the most severe impact. Among white women between 18-29, liberals are receiving mental health diagnoses from medical professionals at a staggering rate of 56.3%. Following that, moderates are experiencing it at a rate of 28.4%, and conservatives a rate of 27.3%.

Twitter users mostly agree with the sentiment that woke individuals are mentally ill 

End Wokeness, a growing and popular movement on Twitter states that this political ideology is a mental health crisis. Furthermore, another Twitter user posts a conservative’s definition of woke. It states that these people are unintelligible people seeking for the injustice happening everywhere else except for their own behavior. 

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Another user states that this can potentially be due to big pharmaceutical companies having a broader reach to liberals. Following that, this would make them purchase their services or products. Other users state that those on the left tend to trust these companies a little too much and would blindly follow them no matter what. 


Moreover, another user states that conservative men are the strongest group out of everyone. This is due to them having the least ratings in terms of mental illness. In addition to this, another user states that they are still deemed as crazy by the media simply due to them being old fashioned. 

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Talks about how the liberals are easy to manipulate is another popular opinion among conservatives. One user states that even without this data, most conservatives already know that these people are mentally ill. 

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