Public transportation in the United States is commonly known as an alternative for cars. Car centrism is one of the problems we are facing today, and many believe that a solid form of public transportation system can help Americans get to work quicker.

A recent post on X went viral when Ian Griffiths, a policy director in San Francisco’s public transport non-profit, hailed Singapore as a “transit Mecca.” His tweet, seen over 2.5 million times, praised Singapore’s transport, challenging conventional transit ideas.

Furthermore, Griffiths highlighted Singapore’s tap-on, tap-off payment system and its equitable distance-based fares, emphasising how even short trips have reasonable prices. He lauded the country’s affordable fares, numerous payment options like credit cards, and seamless integration across bus and train systems.

American praising Singapore’s public transportation system 

However, others are unimpressed that Americans are finding this to be a shocking thing. An X user states that if an expert from America finds this groundbreaking, that leaves little hope for the country in having a better mass transit system. They feel that this is actually pretty common across Asia and Europe. 

Following that, other users state that Mexico City has a solid system and is regarded as one of the best in the Northern Americas. It seems that certain countries that are focused on car Centrism are not budging on better subway systems. Furthermore, most Americans would prefer owning their own cars as it is a part of your own freedom. 

Some users believe that the United States will never have a system like this. Others agree as it is reflected in the culture of the people. If Americans wanted better mass transit systems, the government would’ve built one long ago. 

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