EntertainmentZheng Geping’s family eats tapow-ed chicken rice at home to celebrate son’s...

Zheng Geping’s family eats tapow-ed chicken rice at home to celebrate son’s birthday

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As with many other Singaporean families, this year was marked by changes and increased family time due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

No one is exempt from these changes, not even Zheng Geping and Hong Huifang’s family.

According to Today Online, Zheng Geping, Hong Huifang, Tay Ying, and Calvert Tay recently reflected on their 2021 in an exclusive interview with 8world.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/honghuifang

Geping said that they will spend more time at home and have more opportunities to interact with one another this year, strengthening family cohesion.

“Especially during the lockdown, we ate all three meals together. There’s a very good chef in the house, and that’s my wife, Huifang. My son’s cooking is not bad too, so my daughter and I were more than happy to eat the results of their cooking. As we dug in, my weight naturally increased too,” Geping chuckled.

Tay Ying, who described her family’s birthday celebrations as the happiest time of the year, said, “Simplicity is a form of happiness too.”

On Calvert’s 21st birthday, the family gathered together at home for a very low-key “celebration,” Ying said.

“The most unforgettable memory is when we celebrated [Calvert’s] 21st. Our mum asked him what he wanted to eat, and he answered chicken rice. So we tapow-ed chicken rice. And ‘cos we celebrated at home, there were no time constraints, and we chatted all the way till 5 am,” Ying added.

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For his part, Calvert expressed his gratitude for the extra time he now has with his loved ones.

“I went out to exercise with my dad more, and my mum would share with me her stories and experience about filming, as well as her feelings, which allowed me to understand her more,” Calvert said.

Even more impressive was how much time and energy he had leftover to pursue his singing career, with two singles being released in the latter half of the year.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/honghuifang

However, even though they were living in close quarters, the four of them could create their own personal space, making coexistence with each other easier at all times.

“Although we were home, we were all busy with our own work. We all stayed in our own space, and there wasn’t actually any conflict. When it’s mealtime, then we’ll eat together. After work, we’ll exercise together, that’s already good,” Geping said.

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“We must remember not to invade the personal space of other family members, and allow them to have time for themselves,” Geping said, advising other parents.

Geping and Huifang have also taken up cycling as a new hobby, which has allowed them to spend more time together outside of their house.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/honghuifang

The parents gushed over their children, saying how well-behaved and well-mannered they were.

Huifang admitted that she did get frustrated with them at times because she was suffering from cabin fever. In any case, her family was very forgiving.

She gave a personal anecdote that would easily enrage her and that most other mothers would have encountered at some point.

“For example, every time after I finish cooking, I’ll hope for everyone to be able to eat it while it’s hot. But, sometimes, they happen to be busy, and the food will get cold. [When that happens], I’ll get very upset,” Huifang explained, adding that she uses her bike rides to release her anger.

Geping, according to 8world, hopes to continue making high-quality television shows. My Family, the Enemy Be the First, the dialect drama he is currently filming, is expected to be completed early next year. In addition to Beyond the Boundary, which he oversaw, he hopes to produce more work in the future.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/zhenggeping

“Especially when working with overseas platforms. Although Singapore is a small country, I hope that we are not only Singapore citizens, but also global citizens.”

Hong Huifang has appeared in her husband’s drama series. She is eager to continue her acting career, but she also wants to make a movie and fulfil her dream. /TISG

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