200 year old arch spray painted orange, conservatives angry

Recently, a viral video shows that a group of people were spraying and painting a 200-year-old arch orange. However, this has garnered a lot of negative responses by users citing that this is disruptive towards history. Furthermore, many find this disrespectful towards the city the structure is in. 

Sky News states, three people have been arrested for vandalizing London’s Wellington Arch by spraying it with orange paint as part of a protest by Just Stop Oil activists. The Grade I-listed monument, nearly two centuries old, was also subjected to smoke flares. The activists, protesting new fossil fuel licences, used fire extinguishers to apply the paint. 

Furthermore, their actions followed the government’s approval of the UK’s largest untapped oil and gas field at Rosebank, despite environmental concerns. The Met Police arrested three individuals for criminal damage. Another recent climate protest saw activists sentenced to community orders and unpaid work for invading Lord’s cricket ground in London.

200-year-old arch spray painted orange 

In addition to this, X users feel that these environmental protesters are causing more harm than good. Furthermore, they feel it was better when these protesters were chained to cement barrels on the road. This caused severe disruptions as well as people who are using said road to commute will most definitely suffer delays. 

Users state that these “protestors” should be sent to jail and receive a proper haircut in order to look obedient. Furthermore, others feel that it is a conspiracy theory that the world order is against good conservatives. However, this is not rooted in any facts. There is no concrete evidence that this claim is true. 

Others state that incidents like these make them lose respect towards these environmental rights protestors. Many agree that vandalising old landmarks and monuments does not achieve anything at all. Furthermore, conservatives state that these individuals do not respect other people, hence this is probably the reason why they’re doing this. 

Regardless, there are better ways to protest for the environment. Destroying historical landmarks isn’t the best way as it is technically speaking not environmentally friendly as well. 

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