Business & EconomyConservatives calling affordable SURROGACY for QUEERS the EXPLOITATION of women 

Conservatives calling affordable SURROGACY for QUEERS the EXPLOITATION of women 

The trend of having women surrogacy for queer couples is recently the topic of the Californian state. It appears that the senator aims to provide surrogacy in order to achieve “fertility equality.” This move is unpopular among the conservative crowds as the option for child adoption is readily available for couples that have the financial and mental qualifications. 

According to the Post Millennial, the organization Men Having Babies proudly declared that the proposal aims to eliminate financial obstacles for gay men seeking to engage a surrogate mother. This is in order for them to conceive a child with the genetic material of one of the male partners. 

Emphasizing their mission for fairness in parenting opportunities, the group highlights the experiences of same-sex couples and individuals. Furthermore, this is acknowledging their profound yearning and distress caused by the inability to conceive naturally, which parallels the anguish faced by heterosexual couples experiencing “medical infertility.”

Twitter users disagree with surrogacy for queers 

Twitter users are stating the “rent a womb” statement is deeply offensive and dehumanizing women. It seems that many are uncomfortable with the idea that women who are financially struggling should make money by being a surrogate. Conservative women state that this is theft rather than a rental. 

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Liberals are stating that there are gay couples who adopt children that are in precarious situations. One example is teen pregnancy. The liberal continues by stating that it is a couple’s choice if they’d prefer to use a surrogate or not. However, another user replies by stating that it is still wrong. 

Following that, a biological woman is stating that insurance companies are not willing to help her with her own surrogacy. Furthermore, others are showing concerns towards the potential rise of cost in insurance fees for this proposal. There are some that state in the near future, tax payers will fund transgender women to purchase tampons for themselves. However, that does not seem likely. 

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In addition to this, some are stating that insurance companies are leaving California. Others add that they are no longer accepting new clients. It appears that this statement is accurate as CBS News recently reports that another major insurance firm is no longer accepting new clients in California. 

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