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In the United States, it seems that the color of someone’s skin is more important than their qualifications and abilities. To conservatives, this is especially true with companies having DEI policies in place. This is according to the conservatives in the United States of course. However, it seems that many are agreeing with this rhetoric as they feel that the aviation industry is pushing hard on this agenda. 

A recent aircraft incident involving an American Airlines aircraft which injured six passengers has prompted X users to hop in the situation. According to the New York Post, an American Airlines flight experienced a “hard landing” at Kahului Airport in Maui, Hawaii, resulting in six individuals, including one passenger and five flight attendants, being hospitalized with minor injuries. 

Flight 271 departed from Los Angeles International Airport and encountered issues upon landing in Maui. The aircraft, carrying 167 customers and seven crew members, taxied to the gate under its power, and passengers deplaned normally. The jetliner was subsequently taken out of service for inspection. 

The FAA is investigating the cause of the hard landing. This incident follows a recent case where an American Airlines plane slid off the runway at New York’s Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport due to snowy conditions.

Aircraft incident prompting conservatives to blame DEI hiring 


Furthermore, conservatives state that these sorts of incidents are happening more frequently than ever. Prominent conservative Americans are saying that this is the work of “DEI airlines.” Many are curious as to why an industry that is supposed to prioritize safety, is in fact seemingly doing the opposite. 

However, there are some users who are asking the questions of those attacking this policy. They state that the New York Post article in no way states the gender or race of these pilots. The topic is still rather fresh among the minds of X users and many are blaming DEI for these recent accidents. 

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