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Rumours are that Joe Biden may not run for the upcoming 2024 US President elections. Biden’s advisors have been preparing for his official announcement to run for re-election for several months. The president has not yet made a firm decision, doubts have emerged about whether he will ultimately choose to do so.

In the past, he has taken his time when deciding whether to run for the presidency. This results to his advisors adhusting their initial timeline for his 2024 announcement. Originally planned for February, the announcement is now expected to take place in April.

According to politico, If Joe Biden decides not to run for re-election, it would represent a significant political shift for the Democratic Party. The last time the party saw such a dramatic move was over fifty years ago when Lyndon B. Johnson halted the U.S. bombing of Vietnam and announced he would not seek another term, citing the growing “division in the American house.

Thoughts on Biden as President 

Conservatives took to Twitter slandering both Joe Biden and Barack Obama. The original poster claims that the both of them are the worst Presidents in history. The gap between the ultra conservatives and ultra liberals are seen again under this tweet. Liberals are saying that Trump is the worst President in American history. 

There is growing speculation that the “rust belt” region of America may support former President Trump in future elections, as the current administration has yet to address the ongoing East Palestine issue. One anti-“woke” user expressed their belief that residents of these states will not forget the lack of attention they are receiving from the government.

A poll done by an independent news agency in America shows that Trump is leading over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Netizens are accusing the Democrats of stealing votes and are stating that these polls do not matter. There has been no evidence that the Democrats stole the previous elections. 

Many are stating that if he does not follow through this re-election, it would be bad news for the Democrats and the support for the Republican party seemingly grew, especially after the neglect of East Palestine. Will Joe Biden have a shot at the upcoming re-election? We will have to wait and see. 

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