confused president

According to one of Joe Biden, the President of the United States’s speeches, he claimed that his intentions are to build a better America for its people. In his speech he stated, “I ran for president to build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, bring back jobs that you can raise a family on…that’s what we’ve done.”


However, RNC research, a renown anti-Democrat Twitter account followed by almost 400,000 people stated the contrary. They claimed that Joe Biden has made the economy worse and middle income American families are suffering the most. Wages are down, prices are sky high. 

On the other hand, Democrat supporters such as an opinion piece done by the San Diego Union Tribune states that Biden is a good President. The piece went on describing the positive attributes that the current President of the United states has. The writer then claimed that Biden and the Democrats brought back normalcy to America after Trump’s reign. 

American politics tend to be polarised, with individuals aligning themselves as either liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans. A nuanced perspective on political issues is quite rare, as both sides are often highly critical of the other’s views on policies, economics, and social issues.

Netizen reaction towards Biden’s rule 

Democrats came flooding under the tweet showing statistics and data on how Joe Biden helped improve the American economy. However, Republican supporters claimed that Trump has done better for their economy and accused Biden of spending more in 2021 to make sure that 2022 would look like a massive improvement. 


Another internet user commented on the state of American politics, alleging that the Republicans are using propaganda to manipulate the public. They asked for evidence to support the claim that President Biden has damaged the economy and wondered how the Republicans plan to repair it if they were to regain power.

In response to this comment, a man claiming to be an elderly gentleman replied. He stated that the Republicans have a history of leaving the economy in disarray for the next Democratic President to fix. He argued that the Republicans will never truly work to repair the economy and that they would only make it worse. 

The man went on to explain that the Republicans have consistently prioritised their own interests and political gain over the well-being of the American people and the economy. He concluded that the American public needs to be cautious of the Republicans’ promises and actions and hold them accountable for their decisions.

Netizens have also expressed dissatisfaction with the Democrats, accusing them of prioritising the middle class over lower-income individuals. They assert that under President Biden’s administration, the financial situation of lower-income Americans has worsened and that the country’s debt has risen again.

Ultimately, no political party or leader is flawless. Each comes with its own set of shortcomings. Additionally, the two-party system can be problematic for those who hold views that don’t align with either the Democrats or Republicans. Extreme views on either the liberal or conservative side can be problematic, and finding a compromise that appeals to a broader spectrum of individuals would be a more advantageous approach.

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