Gay Dating Apps American

Today, the American society is more tolerant than ever as inclusivity is one of the most important factors in a non-discriminatory policy. However, there are limits when it comes to certain things. Is it a good thing to teach children how to use gay dating apps? When in reality, most of them will most definitely struggle in doing their own taxes and applying for loans. 

Another American school has cleared the book as safe for students to read in class. Regardless of its “edgy-ness” the school believes that there are multiple educational benefits that it would bring towards their students. 

The local community paper stated, “Parents both locally and nationally have attacked the book because of its honest discussion of relationships and sexuality, claiming that the content crosses the line into being insulting and obscene. 

They added, “But many others have praised the book, stating that it offers practical guidance and cautionary tales to help older LGBTQ+ teenagers go through a trying time in their lives.” 

Netizen reaction towards American schools endorsing students to read the book

This was tweeted by Libs of TikTok, the reception towards this information is conflicting as there are some that support it and others that do not. Those that are in between claim that children can find out about these things on their own, regardless of what is already in the book. 

Those that disagreed stated that the book has instructions on how to use gay dating apps. The book, initially made for an older crowd, is now giving tips towards American school children on how to upload a photo of themselves on these apps. 

However, another netizen replied that children already know how to do these things. Whether they read the book or not, they already have access to these apps as long as they have a stable internet connection and a smartphone. 

The clash of the American conservatives and liberals 

The Twitter thread is akin to a war zone, as earlier we have already described those that are against this and those who are defending it. The book also has sensitive topics written in a few of its chapters, especially ones that are related to religion. 

Conservatives are stating that children should not be taught sexual education in schools as it is up to the parents to provide them with such information. Other conservatives complained that in an office setting, this would be counted as sexual harassment, but surprisingly it is okay for children to talk about it. 

Liberals on the other hand are defending this move as they claim that sex education is important for children. They would be able to learn on how to protect themselves in the event where they are required to. 

Regardless of what is said, many agree that 12-year-old children should not be explicitly taught on how to download and use dating apps. The amount of parents who are concerned with what their children are being taught in American government schools is prevalent. 

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