Harding White trash

A recent incident went viral on X after a Black woman was seen yelling out to an officer for being “White trash” and subsequently tried to wreck a place of business. She pulled down racks containing the store merchandise while yelling out hateful words towards the officer who tried to contain her. 

Unfortunately, the mainstream media does not talk about the anti-White rhetoric that is going on in the world. From South Africa, to Europe and America, there are a significant number of people who think its “woke” to spread hateful messages against White people. It is rather odd that in 2023, we are able to see widespread racism on the daily. 

According to the Daily Mail, a woman riding a motorized scooter was caught on video punching a police officer in the face during a Walmart incident where she was accused of theft. The shocking incident unfolded in an outrageous clip posted on Reddit. In the video, the suspect is seen arguing with the officer before physically attacking him near the checkouts. 

Furthermore, while the exact reason for the altercation is unclear, the woman repeatedly shouts, “Yes, I did.” She then proceeds to throw items at the officer and the cashier. The video has sparked a debate online about security measures in stores. Walmart has yet to comment on the incident.

X users tired of the casual racism thrown towards White people 

There are several X users who are sharing memes regarding the situation. One user posted that they are tired of this whole ordeal. Following that, many agree that this is an unfortunate sight as Americans should be united together rather than fighting each other for the color of their skin. 

X users state that the conventional media will report this story as a polite woman being kicked out of a Walmart by a problematic officer. When in reality, the video shows a completely different story. It is up to law enforcement to keep society safe and businesses to operate smoothly. 

Others feel that some woke individuals simply want revenge on all White people for what happened in the past. However, most agree that what happened in the past was unfortunate, but it should remain in the past. It seems that we have a long way to end this as people are opting for reverse racism in today’s world. 

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