EntertainmentCelebrityBlackpink’s Lisa shocks the internet with new tattoo 

Blackpink’s Lisa shocks the internet with new tattoo 

Twitter is in a frenzy now with Lisa from Blackpink showing off her new tattoo on the cover of Bazaar magazine. Apparently, her tattoo is done by Studio Nooy, in Los Angeles. The tattoo is of an Edelweiss flower, Lisa’s favourite flower. 

It is said that the tattoo also resembles the collaboration she has with Bvlgari. Some are still questioning whether it is a real tattoo or not. However, it is not unusual to see massive K-Pop stars getting discreet and subtle tattoos.  

Fans react to Lisa getting a tattoo 


Fans are stating that the drawing of her favourite flower, an Edelweiss flower, is stamped on Bvlgari watches that are a part of the collaboration. The watch, released in January, is a limited edition collectible and is made with a number of precious stones and metals. 

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Fans are eagerly anticipating a full tattoo reveal from the K-pop star, but only time will tell if she chooses to do so. While some may not find the excitment with the constant buzz surrounding Lisa, her loyal fan base is embracing every piece of news about their beloved idol. Regardless of opinions, Lisa’s popularity and influence continue to captivate the attention of fans worldwide.

Fans are also stating that Lisa is the face of Blackpink. This can be a subject of disagreement towards many, but it seems to be quite a popular opinion. She is one of the most talked about celebrities in the world, and her band is also extremely popular. 

Lisa announces a new book special

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She recently announced that there will be a fourth birthday photo book special for her fans to purchase. Her fans are eager to buy the book regardless of the cost. She will turn 26-years-old on March 27th and the book will be about album promotions and photographs of behind the scenes activities. 

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