InternationalThe British can’t get over the early exit of the lions

The British can’t get over the early exit of the lions

“Goodbye Qatar…”, “Merde! ” they lost. The pain of cane, you name it and its all there in the British media. On social media, supporters are still crying hard over the exit of their favourite team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Another newspaper found it appropriate to call the three lions “Les miserables.” This is definitely in reference to the lost to France by 2-1.

And what about the penalty shot missed by the hurrycane who usually would put the goalkeeper to rest with a great goal?

How did the British react? 

The British world has turned upside down after the big defeat particularly because the entire country believed that this was it. This time, they will bring the cup back home.

The pain is as big as the Portugal loss to the special boys from Morocco. Furthermore,the Brazilian gaffe against the rock solid Croatia.

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One must remember the British media uses French vocabulary to express the dismay of the nation’s defeat. The pain is not going to go away that easily.

Anti Ronaldo Sentiment

It will be replaced with rage and the rage is already being seen with the same press boo-hooing Cristiano Ronaldo for the poor performance during the Morocco-Portugal match.

The English media, the most anti-Ronaldo you can find on the globe, rebutted the superstar for the exit. Statements regarding that he is now doomed forever and will never win a World Cup.

Ronaldo himself mentioned in a Facebook post that it was the ultimate trophy he wanted to win for Portugal.

Quite true though what they are saying because Ronaldo is not getting any younger and this might be his last world cup.

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Especially since he is benched and only came in as a substitute. The story behind that will be told sooner or later but the point here is that Britain is using the revenge against Ronaldo to ease its pain.

Back to the game that shamed an entire country. We note how the British daily The Sun had invaded Paris with an advertising campaign taunting the French on the eve of the match.

The newspaper, however, regained its sense and hailed a “brave” team in a “very close” match. “In pubs across the country, fans are glued to their screens and experienced the rollercoaster of emotions,” it said.

Devastated fans

For fans across the globe, it was devastating. On Facebook, many are mourning the loss, posting cryptic messages. Meanwhile opponents are responding with memes that depicts the ‘weakness’ of the lions and the might of the cockerel. 

England is a wounded lion but France is a flying rooster, they say, rightfully and they are enjoying the defeat of the mighty Britain by the neighbours who are twice World Cup winners and are on the way to clinch another one unless the red wave of Morocco is too strong for them!

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