There are some people who think it is normal to clean their toilet seats using dishwashers. To most, this may seem as unsanitary as dishwashers are commonly associate as devices that clean the dishes. These dishes are generally used to place food on them while people eat. 

The New York Post states, TikTok influencer Alison Koroly is making waves, sharing a video that seemingly shows her husband placing their toilet seat in the dishwasher.The 12-second clip has garnered over 1.9 million views in just three days, eliciting a deluge of repulsed responses from viewers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brian Mangum, an associate professor of medicine and epidemiologist at the University of Health Sciences Antigua disagrees with this. He states, “Keep in mind that your toilet seat is already loaded with germs. You are potentially transferring these germs to the same dishwasher where you’ll clean your children’s plates after pizza night.” 

Reactions towards cleaning toilet seats in dishwashers 

Twitter page Clown World, typically a conservative page, posted this strange information. Firstly, a netizen responds by sharing the weird people he interacts with during his time as a tech support employee. He cites that a woman’s dog urinated on her computer and decides to wash it in a dishwasher. 

For obvious reasons, the computer is no longer working. He adds that he cannot help the woman in any way. This incident occurred a few years ago. Generally, even today, it is common knowledge that technology is not going to mix with water. 

Another netizen jokes that the next dinner party he’s attending, he will surely ask the hosts if they are using their dishwasher to clean toilet seats. Most importantly, a safe way to keep one’s health in check as people are capable of doing weird things without us knowing. 

In conclusion, others are agreeing that it should be a common practice to avoid eating at another person’s house. Who knows that there is potentially someone else cleaning their household items in a weirder way in the guise of saving the environment. 

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