LifeConservatives angry at queer woke teacher telling kids to find another family...

Conservatives angry at queer woke teacher telling kids to find another family if they dislike their parents 

Public school teachers are seemingly the new enemies of the conservatives on X. A woke teacher was seen yelling obscenities on a TikTok video stating that kids should find a new family if they hate their parents. Furthermore, the teacher was seen angrily crying and trauma dumping her past experiences. 

TheAdvocate states, a new type of teacher has arisen as society grows more socially conscious. These educators are frequently referred to as “woke” instructors. This is because they support social justice and use their classrooms to support minority groups. However, as this pattern gains popularity, there has been a rising backlash against these educators.

Conservatives are banding together and are giving rise to what some are coining as the “war against woke teachers”. The criticism of “woke” culture is that it is rapidly evolving into a sort of identity politics or political correctness, emphasising social identification over individual merit.

Queer woke teacher telling kids to find another family 

X users state that these teachers need to start teaching materials that are meant to be taught to children. Furthermore, conservatives state that children are not emotional support pets for these teachers’ personal problems. The user adds that they recently sent a complaint to their local school after their child was complaining about a teacher divorcing their spouse. 

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In addition to this, users state that these public educators need to undergo an extensive mental health background check before being a teacher. Furthermore, strong emotional behaviour may not be the best for a child to witness frequently. However, others state that these teachers would have undergone these psychological evaluations. The user claims that they were probably given the position after proving themselves as woke. 

Some users are showing their sympathies towards the teacher, saying that she definitely has trauma on her shoulders. Despite this, it is still unfair for her to dump her trauma on her students as they should not have any involvement in her personal affairs. Most conservatives agree that being a professional is to conceal one’s personal problems or not expose them too much. 

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