puberty blockers

The massive debate regarding trans children is one of the biggest debates on X. Conservatives state that children should not go through irreversible processes that may harm the child’s body in the future. However, queer activists are claiming the contrary when it comes to gender affirming care. 

Puberty blockers, according to Planned Parenthood, is a medical treatment that is typically discussed with a trans child’s parents or guardians and healthcare professionals. Puberty blockers prevent the effects of hormones like testosterone and estrogen, pausing changes like periods, breast growth, voice deepening, and facial hair growth. 

Furthermore, there are two types: histrelin acetate rods lasting one year and leuprolide acetate shots for 1, 3, or 4 months. Anti-androgens are another option for transgender girls and nonbinary individuals assigned male at birth to reduce testosterone levels.

Conservatives disagree that puberty blockers are safe for kids 

An X user states that puberty blockers are not something that people can turn on and turn off. Furthermore, conservatives state that liberals who tend to quote science a lot do not know about this fact. It appears most conservatives are in agreement with this sentiment as they do not want their children to go through this. 

In addition to this, many are shocked and scared that queer activists have a strong influence on children these days. However, this might be homophobic or transphobic. Despite this, a large number of social media users seem to not agree with letting minors go through a journey like this. 


Conservatives are now calling progressive liberals radical for their movement in trying to “sterilise” children. It appears that conservatives do not trust these big pharma companies as they claim that it’s just another sale or profit for these companies to interfere with the lives of children. 

Liberals are still adamant that this is for a good cause simply that this makes certain individuals comfortable in their own body. Regardless, most conservatives do agree that if an individual is of a consenting age, they are able to do what they’d like with their bodies. 

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