Business & EconomyConservatives calling DIVERSITY QUOTA as systematic RACISM against WHITES 

Conservatives calling DIVERSITY QUOTA as systematic RACISM against WHITES 

Conservatives on Twitter are stating that this whole diversity quota is similar to systematic racism. This topic is regularly in discussion among internet users with conflicting opinions. Liberals state that this is good in order to uplift the minorities while conservatives state that this is undermining White people. 

According to BetterUp, there remains a significant amount of work to be accomplished within the labor market. Despite people of color comprising almost half of the general population, the majority (78%) of the workforce in the United States consists of White individuals. 

While women constitute 58% of the workforce, only 7% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and the representation of women of color is even scarcer. Additionally, 46% of LGBT workers feel they need to conceal aspects of their identity at work to avoid facing discrimination. 

Regardless, conservatives have a different perspective when it comes to job hunting today, especially if they are a White male. 

Twitter users are stating that diversity quota as racist against white people 

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The advertising for a talent group promotes that 100% of their staff is either a woman, person of color or in the LGBTQ+ community. However, in the requirements they keep insisting that they prefer minorities instead of White men. Others state that it seems that White men are not welcome in the company.

Twitter users express their disappointment towards certain companies emphasizing on their diversity rate rather than the actual job they do. One Twitter user states that this is merely a company “wasting” their money and resources that has nothing to do with the fundamental foundation of their business. 

Furthermore, another person states that this will not last for long. Hiring people for their qualifications is more important than their background or sexuality. Furthermore, this Twitter user states that the company might end up either on pressure to hire people with the proper credentials or be bankrupt. 

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There are more users saying that if a company focuses solely on diversity, they will definitely lose on their strategy. A conservative responds by citing that these “woke” companies care about anti-Whiteism more than they do profits. Following that, another user states that these companies would definitely lump Asians in the White category due to their career performance. 

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